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 Force Choke

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PostSubject: Force Choke   Mon 12 Jun - 14:10

Rank 1 - Force user channels the attack and must roll to maintain lifted target in the air on each turn. while focusing on choking 1 target user becomes vulnerable to other attacks and suffers a -2 to defensive rolls. Holding the target in place with roll will take up the characters action each turn.
Choked target can also roll to escape the choke each turn.
If player chooses to release the target that also uses an action point.

Allegiance - Dark side power
Damage + Wisdom modifier 2 to 8 damage per turn.
Droids immune
Counter: force push, disruptive action to break channel, stuns
Range 4 meters

Rank 2 - User has become more adaptable with the choke and no longer suffers a defensive roll penalty while choking the target. They also deal an additional +2 to the minimum damage dealt.

Damage + Wisdom modifier 4 to 8 damage per turn.
Droids immune

Rank 3 - The user has become much more efficient at choking the target - The choke becomes more of a crushing effect and can now be used to damage droids as well as a overall damage increase.

Damage + Wisdom modifier 6 to 12 damage per turn.

Rank 4 - Caster can now choke two additional targets but must roll at the start of each turn to attempt to choke an additional target. Player will be able to hold up to 3 targets at once with Choke.

Rank 5

Evolution 1 - User has become extremely deadly with the Choke and may now roll twice on damage for each choked target.

Evolution 2 - After breaking from the force choke for each critical hit suffered from the force choke a target will be stunned from exhaustion of the choke - maximum of 3 rounds.

Evolution 3 - Choke no longer requires to be channelled while only choking 1 target, the only way for the target to now break free is to roll or if the player who began the choking is defeated.
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Pax Holocron

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PostSubject: Re: Force Choke   Mon 12 Jun - 14:40

I like it I can work on using the ideas based on this. Fortitude should negate the hold effect, and suffer initial half damage. We'll see how it turns out.

EDIT: Force Choke is added at
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Force Choke
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