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Pax Holocron

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PostSubject: RIVAL   Thu 22 Jun - 22:01

< Episode 1

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Episode 2

Darth Jadus, in aid with Witches of Dathomir, captured Grand Master Jedi Satele Shan.
With Galactic Republic Forces focused on Iokath War, Satele had no reinforcements.
She sacrificed her freedom to help her pilot escape with her ship from the grasp of
the evil Sith. Satele's message from her holocron reached out for a Jedi Master Lindrala
Nightingale, whose long exile on Alderaan came to an end with this important call.

In order to rescue Satele Shan from Darth Jadus, Jedi Master Lindrala had to assemble
a team that is capable of this suicide mission. Her quest took her to many planets and
adventures, from the jedi temple ruins on Tython, through the underworld of Nar Shaddaa
moon, and finally through the hostile jungles of Dxun, where Lindrala established friendship
with Mandalorian Clan Ordo, by eliminating the threat of the dark side present there.

It was the Weather Witch sent by the "Mother" to stop Lindrala. Skilled in the Dark Side of the
unknown Force, the Weather Witch drained the power from Tomb of Freedon Nadd and used it to
create terrible storms on Dxun to jam all communications and prevent ships from leaving. With the
fall of the Weather Witch, Lindrala restored the balance on Dxun, and her crew was officially founded.
The Crew now calls itself "Pax Crew" and they are on their way to Dathomir to face Darth Jadus.

After Emperor Valkorion was destroyed, Darth Jadus returned to the galaxy to continue his plans. And allying with the Witches of Dathomir was the first step he made. For long time now he has been plotting plans with the leader of the Witches, known as the "Mother". She foresaw his arrival years ago, and welcomed him with open arms. She knew that under his training, her children will become even more powerful. And Jadus needed the Mother, as she was the only one extremely skilled in the unknown and mysterious ways of the Force, to enhance his own already high abilities. To Jadus the Force was always stronger than any forged super weapon. But not many had faith in this, which gave him advantage. Imperial Intelligence continued to serve Jadus in secret, ready to sacrifice whatever is needed to place him back on the seat of power. Alerting Galactic Republic and Sith Empire at same time about the Super Weapon on Iokath will distract the major factions and their leaders away from the plans of Darth Jadus.

A scream in the temple is unleashed, as Satele receives a powerful Force Lighting hit. In chains and heavily breathing, Satele looks through the hair falling over her eyes and her torturer, at Jadus: "You will never break me Jadus. While you were away I have met the Dark Side, and learned to know it without falling to it. From its knowledge the Emperor has fallen, and so shall you." Jadus turns his back at Satele: "I know. And everything you know will be mine once you give in. I am the only one who really knew the Emperor to his deepest and darkest point. Whatever light and dark you found and shared it with the Outlander will soon be fused with my own power. And you will be the proof to every Jedi in the galaxy, how even the strongest Jedi of all can fall to the lure of the Dark Side. A woman enters the room, looking with her green eyes at Jadus. Her long red dress drags behind her on the floor, as she silently awaits for Jadus. "Rest now, I will come for you again." Jadus turns his back to Satele, and walks out with the woman in red, with the Mother. As they walk down the hall in this dark temple, the Mother would address Jadus: "Children on Dxun failed us. The very light that destroyed them is heading towards your direction. I warned you that bringing her here will make our world a target and warzone." Jadus walks in front of the Mother, stopping her from walking further down the hall: "Your world is safe. My fleet arrived and is orbiting this planet. You must have felt it already." The Mother looks down at the floor before she shares her concerns: "Your fleet has a limited time. Once Darth Acina finds out about your plans to replace her, she will turn your fleet and this world to dust, with her own." Jadus shook head at that: "No. My web runs deeper to the core than even you could predict. As we speak my spy team is already giving fake instructions to Acina how to use the Super Weapon on Iokath. Once her hunger for power blinds her, and with faith trusts the engineers' blueprints and instructions, the Super Weapon she activates will kill her, and everybody else on that wretched world. And I will take the Sith Empire's throne. And with it not even Galactic Republic will dare to visit your world. You will be able to continue your dark arts, and be sponsored with everything you desire for your research, for yourself and your children, as long your knowledge becomes mine." Those words the Mother welcomed, but her concern was not removed from her face: "This galaxy is not the same as it use to be before you chose to remove yourself from it. Your former Emperor struck at it hard, and from that blow many grew stronger, while you were away hiding. Acina was involved in that war, do not underestimate her. And now I must prepare a ritual to say farewell to our lost children and sisters on Dxun. I hope I can count on you for removing the treat that is coming our way." The Mother walks by Darth Jadus as he remains standing still in the spot, with his thoughts. Pax Crew exits the light speed at planet Dathomir. With Satele's ship they are heading towards the planet orbit, to rescue Satele.

Protagonist/Captain: Lindrala
Crew Member 1: Aya
Crew Member 2: Snake Byte (on break)
Crew Member 3: Benna
Crew Member 4: Open
Crew Member 5: Open
Crew Member 6: Open
Crew Member 7: Open
Pilots: Oyo

Tank Slot: Lindrala
Dps1 Slot: Snake Byte
Dps2 Slot: Benna
Healer Slot: Aya

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