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 Force Crush

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PostSubject: Force Crush   Fri 7 Jul - 10:39

Alignment: Dark side
Base damage: 3 damage on cast start + wisdom modifier - if cast not broken by end of round 8 damage + wisdom modifier
Description: The Dark side user focuses their power on a single target channelling their hatred, if not interrupted the caster can deliver immense crushing damage on a target. Can be highly effecting against both organics and droids.
Counter: Force TK, melee attack, Line of sight, any action that can break channelled effect.
Range: 4 squares

Rank 1: User begins channelling the force crush on their target dealing an instant small amount of damage, if channel is not interrupted they caster will deal heavy crush damage to the target at end of the round.

Rank 2: The immediate crush effect is now slightly more deadly dealing an additional 3 damage at the start of the cast.

Rank 3: Targets having force crushed channelled on them now have their movement reduced by 50% and suffer a -2 penalty on all action rolls.

Rank 4: If hit by force crush at the end of the right as caster has not been interrupted the target must now roll an additional save to resist the pain, if they fail the roll they become crippled for their next turn and will be unable to act.

Rank 5

evolution A: The caster has become very adapted to crushing enemies and can now complete a full channel of force crush within 2 turns

evolution B: The caster has become more attuned to the dark side, when the final crush tick hits a target the caster is healed by 50% of the damage they do.

evolution C: Caster is now immensely more difficult to interrupt and can now only have the channel broken via line of sight, critical hits and been downed.
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PostSubject: Re: Force Crush   Sun 9 Jul - 16:08

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Force Crush
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