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PostSubject: FORCE SENSITIVE   Tue 27 Dec - 10:34


This feat allows character to grow basic force powers and talents. It can unlock a force user prestige class even if your base class is not a force user. In addition some NPCs can react different to your Force Sensitivity.

Power Alignment: Universal
Damage Type: NA
Counter: None

Rank 1:
Force Sensitive character is stronger and and their fortitude, reflex and will is increased. Character can meet one of the requirements for Prestige Class that uses Force Powers
Effect: +1 to all Saves

Rank 2:
Force Sensitive character becomes aware of their surroundings. They gain Force Sense which increases their detection and survival skills.
Effect: Awareness +1, Survival +1

Rank 3:
Force Sensitive character's mind and will becomes stronger. It targeted by mind affecting influence, and Force Sensitive character fails will save to resist it, he/she gains a second chance to roll a will save to attempt and resist the mind effect. When rolling a will save against mind effect, you can roll it twice and the highest result counts.

Rank 4:
Evolution A: Force Damage +5%
Evolution B: Force Resistance +5%

Rank 5:
Evolution A: Force Damage +5%
Evolution B: Force Resistance +5%
Evolution C: Force Jump 10 meters

A Evolutions increase all damage done with Force Powers.
B Evolutions increases all damage resisted against Force Powers.
Force Jump allows you to jump 1-10 meters on the field. You decide the distance but it cannot be higher than 10 meters. Force jump is a movement action and can be used once every third round.

Force Sensitive: A Force-sensitive, also known as a Forceful, was a being who was highly attuned to the flow of the Force. Force-sensitives could, with training, learn to sense and manipulate the Force.
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