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 Ameeshara Character Application

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PostSubject: Ameeshara Character Application   Tue 24 Jan - 17:28

Character Name: Ameeshara
Faction: Republic
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 39
Alignment: Light
Height: 5'6
Weight: 145lbs
Physical Markings: None
Birthplace: Corellia
Planned Base Class(es): Jedi Consular
Planned Prestige Class(es): Jedi Shadow
Preferred Role: Leader Leader or Follower?
Gear: Ameeshara wears a piece of armor on her chest that she got while fighting in the Dread War. It was imbued in the darkside initially, taken from an enemy Dread Guard Commander. But through careful meditation and a creative use of her ability to detect an object's shatterpoint, she transformed it into a piece of armor strong in the light side of the force. She uses a vented double-bladed lightsaber. The vents act as an extra line of defense when fighting other lightsaber wielding foes.
Background Story: Ameeshara was born on Corellia and taken to the Jedi temple as an 10 year old child to be trained as a Jedi. Her force sensitivity manifested itself when she was 4 or 5, however. The war with the Empire meant that she had to grow up quickly. When she was 7, she was already running missions for CorSec across her homeworld. Her small stature and force manifestation abilities meant that she could infiltrate areas of Corellia undetected. A feat that few other soldiers could do.
Ameeshara had a rather uneventful life growing up as a Jedi. Her past experience with CorSec made her an ideal candidate to be trained as a member of the Jedi's secretive Order of Shadows. (More to be added later)
Personal comment: She is currently one of the few Jedi masters left after the destruction of Valkorion. She assists in the rebuilding of the Jedi Order.
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PostSubject: Re: Ameeshara Character Application   Thu 26 Jan - 3:05

Welcome to Pax Republica Role Play. You still have some fields to fill to complete the application. While your background story is not finished and you plan to add more later as you stated, you do not have to reveal all secrets of your character in your character's background story. Some if it can be left to be discovered through RP and interaction with other characters. You should also read on Human, Jedi Consular and Jedi Shadow, as this is something you plan to play.

EDIT: EDIT: You did not complete your app. Thus application will be moved to denied section.
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Ameeshara Character Application
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