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Pax Holocron

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PostSubject: TWO-WEAPON FIGHTING   Thu 5 Jan - 5:51


Wielding two weapons, one in main and other in off hand results in penalties to attack bonus. This feat reduces the penalty as you increase rank, to the point where penalty is removed.
Main Hand: -5
Off Hand: -10

Feat: Universal
Damage Type: NA
Counter: NA

Rank 1:
Main Hand: -4
Off Hand: -8

Rank 2:
Main Hand: -3
Off Hand: -6

Rank 3:
Main Hand: -2
Off Hand: -4

Rank 4:
Evolution A: Main Hand: -1, Off Hand -2
Evolution B: If off hands hits after main hand scored critical, off hand is automatic critical

Rank 5:
Evolution A: Main Hand: no penalty, Off Hand: no penalty (Requires Rank4A)
Evolution B: Off hand small weapon gains +1 critical multiplier
Evolution C: Defense +5 while dual wielding

Base Dexterity Requirements
Rank1: DEX 12
Rank2: DEX 14
Rank3: DEX 16
Rank4: DEX 18
Rank5: DEX 20

Two-Weapon Fighting: You may attack with off hand weapon in same turn as you attack with main hand weapon.
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